THE etonHR team

We differentiate by blending careers of 15 years spent in Generalist HR line roles and a further 17 years spent in specialist HR Agency Recruitment

Our clients trust that our unique blended backgrounds give greater client-side empathy and an acute sense for customer service combined with our reach to huge networks across a diverse range of incredible candidates

We celebrate our strategy to ‘double down’ on candidate care, understanding that the deeper our relationships with candidates, the greater the experience and outcome for our clients.

WHO We Are

We’d rather talk about you, not ‘big note’ ourselves therefore we’ve gone for something a bit different.

So… Ed’s bio was written by Tom, Tom’s bio was written by Ed and Ed has written Kayla’s bio.



We all crave that sense of belonging, in both our personal and professional lives. Caring about the detail, sweating the small stuff and understanding what makes you unique, allows us to be the catalyst in your pursuit of the right workplace where you fit and where you ‘belong’.


As busy humans we have become innately ‘absent’, what’s the next task, the next phone call, the next meeting.  Candidates often say “I felt like a number, a hindrance, a stat”.   At etonHR we prioritise the ‘present’ and respect the importance of investing our time in you there and then.


From gentle truths to brutal truths the operative word is ‘truth’.  A founding principle of etonHR is honesty, treating everyone with respect.  We will never fob you off with “not the right culture fit”. 


Understanding consequence ensures thoughtfulness, tone and compassion. If you’re applying for a role with etonHR, that is possibly the most important thing you did that day and that is never lost on us.



What We Do

Marrying talent with opportunity

You’ve worked hard to build your pedigree, we’ll work hard to make it all worth it.

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YOUR Ambassador

When you partner with us, you’re trusting us to represent your brand.  For us that is a privilege and an obligation.  We dig deep to understand everything we need to get this right every single time.


eton Press

Keeping a constant watch on the market, staying ahead of trends and providing dynamic content for our clients and candidates.

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Underpinning Successful partnerships

We understand that finding the right role is important to you, which is why it's important to us.



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